Are you new to Canada? Are you seeking employment in 3D Design, Coding (Python, etc.), or 3D Printers? Do you have education or experience in electronics, photonics, or optics, as well as laboratory or work environment experience and related fields? Are you eager to learn something new and advance with the organization? Then we have news for you! We are hiring full-time and part-time candidates for the positions listed carreer posting below. 
Due to the funding requirements, these posts will be open to permanent residents or Canadian citizens who have been in Canada for less than five years. Everyone who meets the job criteria is encouraged to apply at :

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    The history of Seed NanoTech International Inc. dates back to the year 2016 when it was incorporated under the name of “Seed NanoTech and Consulting,” and in the year 2019 as “Seed NanoTech International Incorporated.” It is one of the industry leaders in the field of optics and plasmonics. Visit the About Us page to learn more about our company, our vision and mission.

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