ABOUT THE ICAPMOT 2022 Conference, MAY 25-28, 2022


International Conference on Advanced Plasmonics, Magnetics, and Magneto-optical Technologies (ICAPMOT)

Seed nanotech International Inc. conference series would like to invite you to one of the most awaited and informative international conferences on Advanced Plasmonic, Magnetics, and Magneto-Optical Technologies( ICAPMOT). The conference is further themed on magneto-optics and technology.

This international conference will not only lead to the dissemination of crucial information on magnetics and plasmonics but will also include a practical demonstration of the uses and applicability of the technology in various fields like diagnostics, health, science, etc.,.

Biophotonicselectromagnetism, and nanotech engineering are something that would also be discussed. Further, this technology conference will provide a stepping stone for various researchers, scientists to understand various practicalities and challenges involved in the operation of such technologies and in understanding the practical and rational approach to operating particular automation.

This international conference will also throw light on youth entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship programs by providing a clear and concise direction and guidance on the subject matters and boosting morale and confidence in using the technique. It will also analyze the various regulatory barriers for the youth and steps to overcome them through radical changes.

We look forward to your active contribution to take advantage of this opportunity through active participation and networking with local and international dignitaries and enhance your skills and expertise in many aspects.

Conference Chair

Conrad C. Rizal, PhD 
President and Chief Executive Officer

Seed NanoTech International Incorporated

Brampton, ON Canada
Profile: ORCID, TwitterPublons, Google Scholar

Scientific Program Chair (s)

Erden Ertorer, PhD

Managing Partner
Omegon North Technologies
Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Profile: Google Scholar

ICAPMOT 2022 Secretariat

Howell Street,
Brampton, ON, Canada
Phone: +1 (289)499 3249

Monday – Friday – 09:00 to 17:00 Canadian Eastern Time
Email: conference@seed-nanotech.com;

Important Dates

Registration Opening:
March 1, 2022
Abstract Submission:
Opens: February 1, 2022
March 1, 2022
Notice of acceptance:
March 15, 2022
Final Program:
May 1, 2022
Virtual Conference Dates:
May 24th- May 28th, 2022
Registration Closing:
May 1, 2022
Time: 9:00 -11:30 AM EDT
(Eastern Canada Time)
Plenary Speakers:
(To be determined)
(May 25th 11:00 AM EDT)

Why to attend ICAPMOT 2022

AN International conference

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scientists from all over the world

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technology oriented conference

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Research, Innovations & Entrepreneurship

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a research oriented VIRTUAL event

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a practical demonstration

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Topics - ICAPMOT

The International Conference on Advanced Plasmonics, Magnetics, and Magneto-optical Technologies (ICAPMOT)-2022 is focusing on Various Advanced Topics in Science, Engineering and Technologies.