Developing Diagnostics Instruments using a Novel Technology

Conrad Rizal pursues cutting edge science from his company located in Canada. His company, Seed NanoTech International specializes in highly sensitive instruments for biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical clients, academic institutions, hospitals, and clinics. The company is located in Brampton where they are developing a diagnostic instrument that would be able to detect diseases caused by harmful bacteria and viruses. Seed NanoTech hopes to develop the instrument within the next six months with the aim to make low-cost testing more widely available.

The instrument would be highly accurate, quicker, user-friendly, and due to the highly sensitive nature, it will make it easier to trace infections and help curb the spread of the disease, said Dr. Rizal, co-founder and Director of Seed NanoTech International. “Biosensing instruments are not an option but a necessity, for diagnostic instruments that can provide users with accurate results, rather than having to rely on testing labs that can take within a day.”

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