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Sensitivity and Detection Limit

While selecting a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, the biggest concern for the customer is its sensitivity and detection limit. The sensitivity of SPR is complex as there is no single term to define it.  We will discuss some of the commonly used terms of SPR. The motive here is to provide the users of […]

Covid-19 Fundaments

Introduction: Corona viruses are important respiratory pathogens to humans and animals. The viruses are widespread among birds and mammals, with bats having largest variety of genomes. They are the cause of community-acquired upper respiratory tract infections in adults and probably also play a role in severe respiratory infections in all age groups. A novel corona […]

COVID-19, R U still there?

Background COVID-19 has taught us to be more self-sufficient, patience, and more prepared for the next time when COVID-19’s family member would decide to come back to Earth and visit this beautiful creation again. Would like to learn more about COVID-19? COVID-19 is the most recently discovered infectious disease caused by β (beta) coronavirus. It […]