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Before submitting, make sure to read the Abstract Submission Guidelines below. Digest Template HERE.

    Presentation Format?

    PosterOral Presentation

    *Please fill in the information below, provide the title and abstract, attach the digest in the pdf file, and submit it.

    First/Presenting author

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    Important Dates

    On-Site Conference Dates:

    May 18th-19th, 2024

    Registration Dates:

    Early bird Close: March 8th, 2024

    Online Close: April 12th, 2024

    Abstract Submission:




    March 8th, 2024, * (we’re still accepting a few abstracts on special topics)

    Notice of acceptance:

    Feb 19th, 2024

    Please submit your abstract according to the template provided. If you have any questions please feel free to direct your inquiries at:

    Types of Abstracts

    The participants in the meeting will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with and gain knowledge from a wide range of worldwide experts thanks to the diverse presentation kinds and topics offered. The abstracts are mostly divided into two formats, as:
    Oral presentations, often known as public speaking, involve a person or group speaking to an audience about a certain topic. These presentations can be given by an individual or by a group
    (A poster presentation is when the information about research is presented to conference attendees in the form of a paper poster that may be viewed by attendees.)

    Formats and Types of Abstracts for ICAPMOT 2024

    • This presentation can be in the form of regular laboratory based research in the form a hypothesis or these may include research conducted in academic or industrial settings
    • Case studies may include a broad range of subjects, from business to technology, depending on the requirements of the project. Take, for instance, the impact that Covid-19 had in many nations and the difficulties that it will continue to pose for businesses of all stripes, including those in the hotel industry, business, management, science and engineering, marketing, entrepreneurship, and other related professions.
    • These may include topics such as regular or critical review works on new science, engineering, business, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, and new technologies.
    • The presentation includes the latest status and development in e-business and related fields in both local and international settings.
    • These presentation may include current status and new development in various sectors such as business, marketing, innovation, technology and Entrepreneurship
    • In a nutshell, the presentations could provide general audiences with information that is conveyed in language that is easy to understand. It’s possible that the presentation will take the shape of a lesson instead. Authors are also capable of preparing compelling presentations. Presentations that inspire attendees are always appreciated. Other types of presentations include those that are given with the intention of making decisions and those that report on the accomplishments that have been made. To discuss the work that they have done in the business and technology sectors, presenters have the option of either using one of the presentation styles listed above or coming up with their own approach, depending on their background and level of competence.


    NOTE: The deadline for Abstract Submission is February 4, 2024

    Abstract / Digest Preparation Process:

    • Authors must prepare the abstract/manuscript according to the conference template (right click and save to your local computer) provided and submit it through the manuscript abstract/digest submission system.
    • Use either Times Roman or Arial font and font size 11 points.
    • Abstracts/digest submitted are reviewed by the experts selected by the conference committee.
    • Authors will be notified of the review results by email.
    abstract submission system

    Abstract/Manuscript Requirements:

    On-site presentation (Oral/Poster)

    • Abstract/digests may be one page long, including all text, figures, and references (less than 500 words and 2 MBytes).
    • The authors can not modify the list of authors after it is accepted.
    • The conference requires that the authors of each accepted abstract/manuscript must be present in the session.
    • Presentation by anyone else other than one of the co-authors is not allowed unless approved by the committee.
    • The presenter must register before the deadline. And, failure to do so will result in the automatic withdrawal of the manuscript.
    • For posters, one author must be present at the poster during the entire duration of the session. 


    • The abstract / digest title must appear in boldface letters.

    Author's List:

    • The authors’ name(s) and affiliation(s) should appear in capital and lowercase letters below the title.

    Submission and review:

    • Submit the abstract online and attach the file in pdf format. Name the file as first_lastname2024


    • Address any questions concerning the submission process to: conference@seed-nanotech.com. Please use reference ID on all correspondences.


    Plenary / Tutorial / Keynote / Invited Presentation Format 

    • Sixty minutes: 45 minutes for a plenary and tutorial speakers and 15 minutes for questions and answers.
    • Thirty minutes: 25 minutes for invited speakers and 5 minutes for questions.

    Oral Presentation for Regular and Graduate Student Speakers

    Oral Presentation Format (Onsite)

    • Twenty Minutes: 15-minute for an oral contributed presentation, followed by 5-minutes of questions and answers for regular graduate student speakers.

    Oral Presentation for Under-graduate and College Student Speakers

    Oral Presentation Format (Onsite)

    • Twelve Minutes: 10-minute for an oral contributed presentation, followed by 2-minutes of questions and answers for under graduate student speakers. 
    • Authors should have a backup copy of their presentation.
    • For best viewing, the authors should try to format their presentation slides at a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

    Poster Presentations (Onsite)

    • The posters must be formatted vertically and prepared with suitable visual materials.
    • The surface area of each board is 40 inches (100 cm) wide by 50 inches (130 cm) high.
    • There will be a sign on the board with the accepted abstract/digest ID.
    • Push pins will be available for displaying the poster on the board.

    No-Show Policy: 

    • If the authors don’t present their work, it will be considered a no-show. 
    • Only the registered speakers/persons authorized by the registered speakers can present their Abstracts/digests in order to be eligible for publication in the UNJ Journal. 
    • The authors of the accepted abstract should submit their papers by June 15, 2024 to be eligible for publication.

    ICAPMOT-Universal Nanoscience Journal, Special Issue Guest Editors

    Dr. Paolo Vavassori, CIC nanoGUNE BRTA, San Sebastián, Spain

    Prof. Francesco Pineider, Università di Pisa, UNIPI, Italy

    Prof. Hiromasa Shimizu, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan

    Conference Papers, topics included but are not limited to:

      Nanomagnetism and Spintronics
    Nano-science, nano-engineering and emerging technologies
    ●  Nano-magnetism and magnetic materials and their applications  
    ●  Magneto-optics, plasmonics and magneto-plasmonics and emerging technologies
    ●  Nano-material and nanofabrication, characterization and imaging
    ●  Photonics/Biophotonics including Si nanophotonics and new technologies
    ●  Social entrepreneurship & innovation
    ●  Women in nano-science & nano-engineering (STEM Categories)

    ICAPMOT-Universal Nanoscience Journal, Special Issue Guest Editors

    Dr. Daria Ignatyeva, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow

    Dr. Jose Miguel Garcia Martin, Instituto de Micro  Nanotecnología . IMN (CNM-CSIC), Spain

    Dr. Raju Sapkota, Camosun College, Canada


    • Nanoscience & novel technologies
    • Plasmonics and SPR sensors
    • Magneto-optics, Magneto-plasmonics and Sensors
    • Nanomagnetism and Spintronics
    • Optics and optical bio-sensors
    • Women in Science and engineering
    • Social Innovation and entrepreneurship
    • E-business, e-commerce and AI 
    • Spintronics

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    Topics - ICAPMOT

    The International Conference on Advanced Plasmonics, Magnetics, and Magneto-optical Technologies (ICAPMOT)-2023 is focusing on Various Advanced Topics in Science, Engineering and Technologies.