We are running an international conference on advanced plasmonics, magnetics, and optical technologies focused on education, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Are you passionate about nanotechnology or entrepreneurship?
Are you a current student interested in entrepreneurship or nanotechnologies, or an engineer or an experienced scientist in the field?
Are you interested in keeping you up-to-date in the field, networking with peers, and learning about the latest technologies?

If you said yes to any of the questions asked above, then ICAPMOT 2024 is absolutely for you. The ICAPMOT is one of the most-awaited and informative international conferences in the world, and it is taking place from Saturday, May 18th to Sunday, May 29th, 2024 in Courtyard by Marriot, Canada.


This international conference will disseminate crucial information on magnetics, plasmonics, and photonics as well as a practical demonstration of the uses and applicability of various technologies in fields like diagnostics, health, science, environmental monitoring, surveying, drug discovery, nanomedicine, meteorology, pesticide detection in agriculture, gas-leak detection to name a few.

To ensure that participants are receiving the best possible information available, we have the best and brightest in the field speaking at the conference to share their work and their knowledge with us. If you would like to learn about this conference, we encourage you to visit.

We look forward to welcoming you all.

Seed NanoTech International Incorporated  Conference Series (C) 2022

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Conference Videos

ICAPMOT– An International Conference; Click Here

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ICAPMOT 2023 will be held in 1 year! Be sure to register!

To learn more about the conference:

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This year we will have between three and four plenary speakers. Let’s give a warm welcome to Dr. Alexandre Brolo, our Plenary speaker who hails from the University of Victoria in Canada.
More information will be updated very soon.
In addition to Professor Paolo Vavassori, who is serving as the chair of the scientific programme, invited speakers including Dr. Ramesh Poharel, Dr. Niranjan Devkota, Mr. Siroj Koiral, and a great number of others will be present.
Please ensure that you return to this page on a regular basis to view the current information.

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The International Conference on Advanced Plasmonics, Magnetics, and Magneto-optical Technologies (ICAPMOT)-2024 is focusing on Various Advanced Topics in Science, Engineering and Technologies.