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 An International Conference 

    • This conference will not only lead to the dissemination of crucial information on magnetics, plasmonics, magneto-optics, and optical technologies but will also include a practical demonstration of the uses and applicability of the technology in various fields like diagnostics, health, environment, space, etc. 
    • Further, this conference will provide a stepping stone for various researchers & scientists to understand various practicalities and challenges involved in the operation of such technologies, and in understanding the practical and rational approach to operating particular automation.
    • This conference will also throw light on youth empowerment and innovation by providing a clear and concise direction and guidance on the subject matter of magnetics, plasmonics, magneto-optics, and optical technologies and boosting morale and confidence in using the technique. 

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Topics - ICAPMOT

ICAPMOT 2021 is focusing on Various Advanced Topics (International Conference on Advanced Plasmonics, Magnetics, and Magneto-optical Technologies)

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