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Posted 7 months ago


Reference SNI007-202-01

Seed nanotech International Inc. conference series is one of the most awaited and informative international conferences on Advanced Plasmonic, Magnetics, and Magneto-Optical Technologies (ICAPMOT). The conference is further themed on magneto-optics and technology. This international conference will not only lead to the dissemination of crucial information on magnetics and plasmonics but will also include a practical demonstration of the uses and applicability of the technology in various fields like diagnostics, health, science, etc. This international conference will also throw light on youth entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship programs by providing a clear and concise direction and guidance on the subject matters and boosting morale and confidence in using the technique. It will also analyze the various regulatory barriers for the youth and steps to overcome them through radical changes. We are looking to hire staff who have previous experience organising conference and meeting or social event. This is a virtual conference followed by onsite in September in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Job Duties:

  • Communicate with professional associations and other groups to promote and discuss international conference on magnetics, plasmonics, and optical technologies focused on education, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Communicate and discuss with sponsors and organizing committees to plan the scope and format of events,
  • Co-ordinate services for the conferences and promote it through social media.
  • Organize registration of participants, prepare programs and promotional material, and publicize the conference.
  • Work closely with the local and international team to successfully organise the conference.
  • Training will be provided for the interested candidate.

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