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Advantages of Surface Plasmon Resonance/SPR Sensors in Brampton

Sensors are the modern-day requirement for various purposes such as biomedical diagnoses, forensic research, temperature and humidity measurement, and gas detection. Surface Plasmon resonance is also a major biosensor technology that can be used to observe bimolecular bindings, electricity magnetism, and optics in Brampton. These biosensors help in various applications such as life science, drug monitoring, food control, environmental testing, and many more. SPR is widely used for these applications because there are many advantages of using this device that you can read below:

  1. Small sample sizes: A small sample size is required in Surface Plasmon Resonance experiments. It prevents the need for many samples, especially if the yield from protein purification is low. Also, it takes less time to get purified samples, making it easy for experts to maintain them.
  2. Real-time monitoring: One of the main advantages that SPR sensor provides is their real-time monitoring of biomolecular binding interactions. You can easily observe the association and disassociation of molecules in real-time. The sensor or any SPR instrument is attached with computer software which shows the output in curves of SPR signal vs. time.
  3. Label-free detection: SPR is an optical technique. Hence, it does not require any labeling while producing outputs. The chance of labels affecting the functionality of ligands is quite less, so it helps get more accurate results. Plus, it makes SPR less expensive and easy to use.
  4. Able to handle complex samples: Purification of samples is required to get more accurate results in biological experiments, but you may not need it in the case of SPR sensors because it is based on optical techniques. Hence, it allows both simple and complex samples for detection.
  5. Sensor chips are reusable: The SPR sensor chips are reusable and help reduce waste and save money.
  6. Short-time experiments: The detection of SPR sensors is quick, which helps researchers do their experiments quickly.
  7. Highly sensitive: SPR sensors can respond quickly, benefiting small molecules and large proteins.

The Final Words

SPR sensor is one of Brampton’s best electronic engineering technology for biomolecular binding detections. If you want to buy SPR and MOSPR sensors, you can contact Seed NanoTech Inc. We provide various plasmonic and biosensors like SPRs, MOSPRs, humidity, and gas sensors. Also, if you like to attend conferences or sessions on technology, innovation, and education, it is recommended to register yourself on our website for our ICAPMOT series.