Research, Innovations & Entrepreneurship

With blooming innovations in science and technology, many new…
electronic biosensor1

Electronic Biosensors

Biosensors are nowadays used in biomedical diagnosis as well…

Magnetic Materials And Background

The history of the usefulness of magnetic substances…

Humidity Sensors

Conventional humidity sensors are primarily electronic devices.…

First-ever International Conference, ICAPMOT 2021!

Are you passionate about emerging technologies, latest innovations, research and developments in the fields of plasmonics, magnetics and photonics?

Sensitivity and Detection Limit

While selecting a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument,…

Covid19, and how it has Impact our life habits

"One of the most effective ways to this is by contact tracing, which in Canada, it’s on its way to success."

Developing Diagnostics Instruments using a Novel Technology

Biosensing instruments are not an option but a necessity

Covid-19 Fundaments

Introduction: Corona viruses are important respiratory pathogens…

COVID-19, R U still there?

Background COVID-19 has taught us to be more self-sufficient,…

Ultra-sensitive Sensors are not an Option, they are a Necessity 

Before, sensors were used to be just used for testing glucose…

Where magnetoplasmonics meets biology

Magneto-plasmonics is a relatively new field that has many great…

Where inventions reach limitations

Dr. Rizal is a guest editor of Special Issue of Magnetoplasm…
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