Director’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to announce Seed NanoTech International Inc. as one of the leading Sensor Development Companies located in Brampton and the prospects and potential it holds for the betterment of humanity.

This company was incorporated in the year 2019 with only 5 employees. This number has proportionally increased over the last year and is gradually making its mark to enter the competitive market. Through our constant efforts and governmental contributions, we have been successful in securing funds and the necessary raw materials for the operating process and improving our machinery and equipment. Further, we are in the process of starting a new chapter that involves accessing incubator space through the generous support of the Brampton Economic Development Board and partnering with several advanced research centres across Ontario and beyond.

I express my gratitude to all employees whose fierce determination and deep engagement have made this company stronger with a concrete foundation and a promising future in the years to come. With, their synergic efforts we will be launching many new products like gas sensors, NO2 sensors for early detection of HIV, sensors for detecting viral and bacterial infections including ZIKA rapid/Elisa and many more innovative technologies.

We are constantly thriving for an improved relationship with our customers, suppliers and shareholders by developing a business portfolio model and systematically decentralizing the management system. I’m looking forward for developing a continued partnership and a long-lasting relationship with all our partners and teams.

Conrad Rizal
SeedNanoTech International Inc.

Sushma Rizal, BA
Co-founder & Board of Director,
SeedNanoTech International Inc.

Work Place Diversity

Workplace diversity plays a pivotal role in boosting business success. We are continuously developing and creating an environment that not only addresses employees’ concerns but also encourages employee’s participation in the decision-making process resulting in the morale-boosting and timely achievement of organizational goals and objectives through synergic efforts. Moreover, a specific focus is placed on overseeing the performance against the threshold standards through continuous monitoring and analyzing, and providing performance appraisal for employees on yearly basis based on their performance. We believe in the concept of “Unity in Diversity”, wherein everybody is given an equal opportunity to share their ideas & thought process, which we believe would further contribute to the company’s success.

Who are We

Our Company Seed Nanotech Inc. is one of the industry leaders in magneto-optic sensors that indulges in developing and providing state-of-the-art smart and eco-friendly sensors that can help in the economic growth by creating job opportunities and making a market place in the field of sensors and optics.

Our team consists of scholars, engineers and who have decades of experience in this field, and who are constantly working on innovative nanotechnologies and software developments. Our team is equipped with various resources including consulting, scientific platforms for industry and academic institutions, software development and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Our Vision

To develop and maintain exemplary and impeccable sensor technologies that will provide a new direction and meaning to the technology market and increase the employment opportunities in Canada and around the world. This sensor will not only ensure safer and healthier lives for humanity but also provide exceptional and outstanding services to the optimum level. We are continuously striving to follow stringent measures to maximize customer satisfaction through quality improvement and betterment.

Corporate Profile

Seed NanoTech – A History of Research Excellence, Development, and Innovation

The history of Seed NanoTech International Inc. dates back to the year 2016 when it was incorporated in the name of “Seed NanoTech consulting and in the year 2019 as “Seed NanoTech International Inc.”, and is one of the industry leaders in the field of optics and plasmonics.

The Company is founded by Dr. Conrad Rizal and Sushma Rizal who have over 20 years of experience in advanced research and development works in the field of optics, magnetics and plasmonics in the research laboratories in many countries like Japan, Qatar, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Canada and the USA.

Between the years of 2013 and 2018, Dr. Rizal worked as a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Victoria, University of California, San Diego, Baylor University, and York University.

During his last post-doctorate tenure at the York University, Dr. Rizal worked at GEM Systems Inc., through the MITACS Canada fellowship where he performed the preliminary study and initial design on magneto-optics sensors.

Dr. Rizal continued to develop a series of novel sensors based on the magneto-plasmonics principle. These sensors are based on the interwind effect of optics, magnetics, and plasmonics and have the potential for many different applications.

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