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International conferences anywhere around the world play a significant role in a country’s progress and development in the field of research. They not only contribute towards a country’s progression towards education but also deem a country peaceful, tolerant, and welcoming to all sorts of people around the world. Unfortunately, due to Covid’19, our initially planned conference on 15th September 2020 had to be postponed, which is now rescheduled to 24th – 28th May 2021 (virtual).
Plasmonics, magnetics, and biophotonics are all emerging and recent advancements in the field of science. Dispersal of crucial information on the mentioned technologies is our primary focus. We aim to educate, explain, and equip all the participants with the benefits and practical applications of these technologies so that by the end of this conference, all the science enthusiasts will see remarkable addition in their knowledge and experience a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. We aim to introduce our participants to entrepreneurship as well.
“I believe in innovation and the way you get innovation is you fund research, and you learn the basic facts.”- Bill Gates.
This conference is focused on five core topics:


This section would cover topics like mаgneto-optics / magneto-photonics, magnetism in biology and medicine, soft and hard magnetic materials and applications, magnetic sensors, high frequency & power devices, spin electronics & applications, magnetic recording, magnetic thin films & multilayers, magnetization dynamics, modelling and computational magnetism, microscopy, imaging & characterization, shape-memory alloys and magnetocaloric effect, diluted magnetic semiconductors and oxides, and so on.


Theory and principle of plasmonics, theory and principle of surface plasmon resonance, synthesis of plasmonic core-shell nanostructured materials, characterization of plasmonic materials, and SERS. The plenary talk by Prof. Dr. Alexandre Brolo, a renowned Chemist and University Professor at the University of Victoria, Canada will also focus on this topic on May 25th. Plenary talks are unique in the sense that only the most accomplished and renowned people in the field are invited.

Biophotonics /Optical technology:

This section includes topics like Si-based and photonic materials and magneto-plasmonics, green photonics, energy, and related technologies, ultrafast optics and applications, sensing, communications, and information processing, nonlinear optics, nanophotonics and plasmonics, optical telecommunications, photonics technology entrepreneurship and innovation, photonic theory design, and simulations. It would also include many latest innovations on nanoscale photonics that combines magnetics and plasmonics.

Education and Innovation:

Channelizing young minds through research and development, addressing skill gaps through specialized global technologies, effective upskilling through awareness and cognitive mapping, Encompassing technical, leadership, and domain-based learning, focus on “Human Engineering” through connections, training in digital and incremental skills are some of the topics covered in this area.


This section would include topics like competence in expanding new skills by searching alternatives, financial literacy and capabilities for expansion and diversification, building emotional quotient with peers, organizations, and associations, reduction of tax and regulatory barriers for new entrepreneurs, expansion, and promotion of mentorship programs, providing room for internships, volunteering for a solid foundation and Expanding technical viability and resources. Both local and international tech-turned entrepreneur will share their knowledge and experience through this conference platform.
As the famous American sociologist, Daniel Bell said,  “Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”
The tech-based ICAPMOT 2021 virtual conference is expected to offer many insights on new research, innovation, and technologies, and promises to be a very rewarding conference, despite the COVID19 restrictions. If you are not a regular attendee of online/digital conferences, or if you’ve never attended one before, we’d like to suggest you consider the benefits of attending so:
  • You will meet world-class scientists, university professors, and industry leaders.
  • You will gain knowledge that will have an immediate benefit for your academy or business.
  • You will be inspired by individuals who share your passions.
  • You will meet potential investors or buyers.
  • You can generate leads and engage with prospective clients.
  • You can connect with local industry dignitaries and innovators.
Whether you are presenting your work, attending to share ideas with like-minded peers in your industry, learn about new developments in your niche, or searching for some fresh air to breathe new life into your business, ICAPMOT will be a conference with your name on it. Hope you join early to secure a spot.
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